Pal Grandmother

Meet this Pal Grandmother.  

I’m going to cut to the end of the story really quickly.

After painting her, I found out that she was the grandmother of a dear friend of mine.  

I have seen the results of her faith.  In a people group, a nation, an ethnic group, whatever word you want to use, where less than 1% of the people know the Father, I have witnessed the legacy of her faith.

I have seen a family that’s first desire is to share the hope that they’ve found with their people.  They’ve found true life, or more accurately, true life has found them, and they’ve counted the cost, and are all giving their days that all the Pal people could join them.

So, when you look at this Pal Grandmother, I hope you see the Father who is at work.  He’s at work to draw each beautiful people group to Himself.  We don’t always understand his timing, but we can look at her and be reminded that He is faithful, and he will draw His people to himself.