Almost Back!

Hello everyone!  I’m writing to you from Bangkok, where I am retrieving my visa so that I can head into the country! 

The point of this email is to tell you what I’m going to be doing in Southeast Asia.

Over the past year and a half, the Father has been slowly revealing the direction He seems to have for me when it comes to the work in MY.  As I left, I knew I still wanted to be a part of the work He was doing there, I just wasn’t sure exactly how that would play out.  

What I’ve found is that I find such joy in connecting the work the Father is doing overseas with the local Body in the States.   In addition, while I thought my art career had kind of played itself out, it turns out, I’m just getting started.  These two things led to a dream of being able to use my art to communicate to the Body at home how the Father is at work among the nations, to tell the stories of these people that He has created in His image, and to spur on prayer as a result!

My initial (and continued) objective for taking these three months in MY was to teach English for my teammates in a new town. It’s a beautiful city that I’m so excited to be in!  I’m also excited to get this chance to hang out with Rob and Amanda.  This will be my day job.

In addition to this, I’ve learned of a need that the company has.  I’ve been offered the opportunity to work with the M’s over there, to learn about their people and their stories, and create tools to communicate with the Body back home.  Pretty much exactly what I’d dreamed of.  So, in my free time, I’m going to jump into that role as well.  Call it a trial run. 

I’d appreciate your lifting me up!  Ask for daily dependence on the Father!  Would you pray that the language come naturally as I jump back in?  Ask that the Father would use this time to better reveal what my role with the company should look like moving forward.  Finally, would you pray that I be a blessing to my team and all the other m’s as I take this time to support the work the Father for them in MY?

Thank you so much guys!   I am daily aware of my need for the body at home!  

In Him,